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    Real love will always choose life. Cozy up with us and read featured stories from members of our local community about love, struggle, grace and the pro-life journey! 


  • He Matters, She Matters

    By Joanne Ferguson     September 27, 2017


    The moment I saw his face with his jet black hair sticking up like a little mohawk I was instantly in love. We received a card that said, “It’s a boy!” with his picture and I was so excited I could literally feel my heart explode with the kind love I had never before experienced. He had Mongolian spots on his arms which...[read more]

  • Why I Support Women's Rights

    By Alissa Golob      March 08, 2017


    Today is International Women’s Day. It’s also my birthday. Not too long ago, a 19-year old woman  was standing in a hospital room awaiting the results of her first pregnancy test. She was a first-year university student with no money and no intention of becoming pregnant...[read more]


  • The Rush Toward Death

    by Andrew Eckstein     February 28, 2017


    I recently retired from my career at RBC and decided to answer the invitation of a friend to work at a local funeral home as a casual part time employee. It is a startling and sobering transition to be part of death and people's grief in this way. There is great sadness when a loved one passes on but I consider it an honour to be part of offering comfort to families and loved ones of the deceased...[read more]


  • "Saving Babies" Criminalized

    By Elea Hofman     December 05, 2016


    Is there anything sweeter or more moving than the sight of a new born baby? Their soft, fragile state reminds us of how vulnerable we all are, how innocent we all once were and how much we need each other to navigate this life. But some would end that life before it's first breath. In France they won't even let you try to save it... [Read More]


  • What My Family of Seven Siblings Taught Me

    By Natalie Breukelman       November 28, 2017


    I have grown up with six amazing individuals, each of whom I have had the privilege of building strong and loving relationships with. They have been my best friends throughout the seventeen years of my life as we have all grown together.  Each one of them has helped shape who I am today. They cry with me, laugh with me and are always there for me... [Read More]


  • The Dilemma

    by Tom Kelly     October 28, 2016


    I had no idea my life had been touched by abortion until I was 17 years old and my mother made what might be called a "clerical error" ... [Read More]


  • By Elea Hofman     October 31, 2016


    The pro-life cause is very simply a human rights issue. While it tends to be people of faith that support the movement, there is sound science and logic to support the equlity and value of life in the womb from a secular perspective, hence groups like Athiests for Life, Humanists for Life and so on. That being said...[Read More]


  • Answering the Call for Help

    By Carla Arges & Elea Hofman      August 26, 2016


    That moment when the phone rings and you hear a woman on the other end of the line say, “I’d like to schedule an abortion” is chilling. Immediately your heart rate goes up, blood rushes out of your face and your mind reels to find the right words... [Read More]


  • A Student Journey from Pro-life Club to Career 

    An interview with Agata Hanebach     August 23, 2016


    The following is an interview with Agata about her pro-life journey from high school club to career. She is an inspiration to many, we are proud of her and excited to walk alongside in this journey... [Read More]


  • Just a Bad Clump of Cells

    By Elea Hofman, Halton Alive Executive Director   August 17, 2016 


    I never knew I had an abortion story. Like most people, I grew up thinking I was just another average person fortunate enough to be born into a loving family that wanted me. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that my mother shared the story of how doctors recommended she abort me. In a culture where abortion is sold as the norm, you just never know who has been saved from the clutches of “choice”...[Read More]


  • A Story of Love & Adoption

    By Anonymous Member of the Community    July 25, 2016 


    My adoption story is unique compared to most people. When my husband and I first considered adopting, it wasn’t because we were unable to conceive. We were inspired by a TV show at the time that featured children in need of loving families to adopt. One little boy, named Sammy, captured our hearts and the notion that we could provide a loving Christian home to a child like him was inspiring. We both loved children very much so we started discussing adoption possibilities... [Read More]


  • Where there's a WILL there's a Way

    By Lorainne Evans    


    Children and the value of all human life have always been an important part of my family’s traditions. My husband, Terry and I made the decision to adopt two beautiful children, which was the catalyst to our involvement with...[Read More]