Christmas is a time of celebration and joy but for many people it is also a difficult and emotional time. This year we are spreading good cheer through our Candy Canes for Life campaign and reminding our community that they matter, life matters and while there may be pain and suffering mixed into this joyful time of year there is also hope and a way forward. We are reminding people they are stronger than they think!

    Choose life, choose love, choose something bigger than yourself this Christmas. 


    At Halton Alive our mission is to promote a culture of life in our community through the power of education and support.


    Abortion is often considered a taboo topic in our culture but at Halton Alive we deal with this topic because we know that supporting a woman means supporting her child. The two are intertwined in a special and unique way and we are not afraid to say that BOTH of those lives have value. REAL empowerment tells a woman she CAN do it. She IS capable of giving life and love to her child even when they are "unplanned". We are prepared to walk alongside her with love and compassion. We understand it isn't always easy and life doesn't always give us ideal circumstances but that is why there is an entire community of support and resources to help choose life!



    Love is a choice no one regrets. 




    Will you help us spread hope? Will you join us in helping women and their children?

    Are you willing to talk about tough topics so you can be educated and equipped to extend a helping hand? 






  • We Need You! 

    Support us in our mission to save and change lives. Join us today by giving to the Candy Canes for Life campaign and help spread awareness that women deserve better health care than abortion and unborn children deserve to live. Your donation is reinvested in the community through our numerous community educational programs and resources.