• Need help?


    We all need help sometimes...that's why there is a community at Halton Alive ready and willing to support you through whatever you've got going on. Sometimes our biological family isn't there for us or we are too afraid to reach out to them but guess what?!...there are many types of families that can love and support you and Halton Alive is one of them!


    So call, visit or email us if you're...


    • Pregnant We can talk about options and what your future might look like.
    • Post-abortive You are not alone. We can work through the pain and grief together
    • Scared Maybe you need some support or a shoulder to cry on?
    • Lonely We like visitors...come chill on our couch, we'd love to get to know you.
    • Looking for 'stuff' If you can't afford all the 'stuff' you need during or after a pregnancy we've got your back!
    • Need a job There are all kinds of practical needs, sometimes just finding a job can relieve a lot of pressure and stress. We can help with that too!




    Sorry if we aren't at the office right now!

    We want to be there for you but here's a free 24hr hotline you can call until we are back. 1-800-665-0570



  • Here's some exciting news...

    Others have gone through what YOU are going through right now! Watch the videos below to hear about the experiences of two women who have walked in your shoes!