• Abortion in the Church?


    Yes, as much as faith communities try to create spaces that are supportive, many people still feel the stigma and fear of an unplanned pregnancy that pushes them to abortion. Sometimes those who choose life may leave the church for a while to avoid explaning or talking about the pregnancy. The reality is, abortions happen everywhere for all sorts of reasons, even within the church so our goal needs to be to talk about life issues in a loving, Christ-like way that speaks truth but will encourage people to reach out for help in a unplanned pregnancy, knowing they will receive love in return.


    How can my church TALK about abortion?


    The first step is always to be educated. How can you teach and support your congregation if the pastoral staff and lay people are not educated on the issues themsleves? At Halton Alive we provide the necessary knowledge and training on abortion facts, apologetics and compassionate response. We also connect you to local resources available to those in need. 


    Alive & Kicking 101: this course will prepare you with knowledge of the abortion issue and how to defend and reason out a pro-life view. We recommend facilitating this course for your staff, volunteers and congregation. Some churches have done this course as an educational workshop or in place of a weekly prayer meeting or bible study. 


    Reaching out with Compassion: This is a training seminar that will teach you how to react and respond when someone says they are pregnant and considering abortion. This is especially important training for pastoral and support staff. 


    Resources: Another thing you can do is display literature regarding crisis pregnancy support. If a person does not reach out in person they may at least be able to connect with Halton Alive or another organization that can help and counsel them. We can make this literature available to you. 


    How can my church GET INVOLVED in the pro-life movement? 


    There are many activities going on in your city that you can get involved in as a church community. Consider joining us at any of the following!


    Baby Food Drive - help us collect baby food & formula in October and November to be donated to local food banks in need. These are items that some food banks have desperate need for and a great way for the pro-life community to demonstrate our concern for life after birth too!


    Walk for Life - a fun, family friendly event to help raise money and make a statement in our commuinty that the lives of the most vulnearble are equally valuable. 


    Fundraising Gala & Auction - attend and/or sponsor a table at our annual Gala. Invite others to come from your congregation and other churches. 


    Life Chain - Stand with us at major intersections across the region for a silent and prayerful testimony to the lives lost to abortion.


    Flag Display - do a flag display on your church property to represent the lives lost to abortion in our country. Each blue and pink flag represents an abortion in Canada. 


    Evangelicals for Life - this conference is held in Washington DC but there are opportunities to broadcast live - help us facilitate it this year! Jan 26-27th. 



    How can my church SUPPORT the pro-life movement?


    Pray: the prayers of the church are a mighty force. Get to know us and pray for our staff and board memebers that we have God's wisdom and guidance in every step we take to promote life. 

    Join our prayer chain - we are looking for real prayer warriors who are willing to pray on a regular basis for the pro-life movement and our organization. We'd like this group to be available to pray for the girls who contact us seeking an abortion.


    Give: Halton Alive is sustained on the generosity of individuals, businesses and organizations that believe in promoting a culture of life and taking a stand against the injustice of killing the unborn and most vulnerable through abortion and euthanasia. 


    Ways to give:

    • Take up an offering/collection once or twice a year (ie. Mother's Day or Respect Life Sunday)
    • Partner with us by donating monthly to provide financial stability and allow us to plan in advance
    • Do a fundraiser with proceeds supporting Halton Alive
    • Encourage your staff and congregation to participate in the Walk for Life and actively collect sponsors - perhaps get some competition going!
    • Sponsor a table at our Fundraising Gala


    Participate: One of the major challenges we face is sourcing spaces to do community events or seminars. Help us out by offering your facilities for our next Alive & Thrive event.


    You could host:

    • A film night - help us screen some incredibly informative films!
    • Speaker coffee house - a community event featuring speakers on relevant "in the news" topics
    • Courses & seminars - we like to do these in different locations across the region to give everyone a chance to attend


    Life Ambassadors: Designate someone who is passionate and excited about promoting life in your church to be a Life Ambassador! This person is the connection between your church community and Halton Alive. Their role is to communicate with us on any pro-life related needs your church may have including opportunities and invitations to do an information booth at various events you may host - especially if you invite a speaker on a pro-life topic! They also communicate to the church what events are coming up and hang posters, keep literature in place etc.