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    It isn't always easy being pro-life but when you step out and share pro-life truth with others it is amazing to see the transformations that can happen! We are stronger together though so Halton Alive is here to help you whether it's getting a pro-life club started or thinking of creative events or coming in to speak or do an information booth. Below are some resources to get you started. Contact us today to get more help or request a speaker! 




    Pro-life Clubs: Need help starting a club in your school? Need ideas for activities and activism your club could do? 
    Check out our By Students; For Students Guide to everything you need to know about starting and running a pro-life club in your school - it was created by a student just like you who ran a club for four years!


    Teaching & Speakers: Want to learn more about the issue or have some speak in your classroom? Halton Alive teaches courses and seminars and has speakers on various topics. 


    Do a Fundraiser: Help us help others when you initiate a fundraiser in your school for Halton Alive. It could be a civvies day, bake sale, candy gram or your own clever idea!


    Community Events: Looking for ways you, your club and student body can get involved in community pro-life activities? Halton Alive has lots of great opportunites, check them out below:


    Create a team and do the Walk for Life               



    Volunteer: Need to get those 40hrs of volunteer service done? Why not volunteer with Halton Alive? We have a variety of opportunites from helping out at events to doing research for our database to putting your graphic design skills to work. Whatever your skills are; we can use them! Simply contact our office to get things rolling. 





    Student Internships: Passionate about pro-life and want to learn more about the issues while learning useful life and career skills PLUS get paid? Yep, we do that! Every year Halton Alive applies for the Canada Summer Jobs program so we can hire a Student Intern like you! Apply online now

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    You are not alone! Even if it seems like you are part of a minority there are soo many other awesome students like yourself, standing up for life. Read about the pro-life journey these students have taken as shared at our 2015 and 2017 Galas.

    Do you have a story to share? Email us and we will post your story too!


    Stephen McCarthy


    Josie Luetke


    Jay Faisa

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