• Teachers


    We know educating and forming your student's minds to think clearly and ask questions is a top priority. Increasingly our culture is telling our kids what to think and feel. They are bombarded by the media at every turn but teachers are still those special people who have a primary role in guiding the next generation. We are so thankful for you and your service to the community! It can be difficult to inform students on controversial topics like abortion and euthanasia but helping them think through these life and death issues is key! Halton Alive is here to help you do just that by giving all the advice and resources we can! 

  • Speakers

  • Let us do the teaching for you. We have great, interactive classroom presentations and speakers. Don't see the topic you want listed here? Give us a call and we can put a program together. 

  • Social Justice - what is it and is abortion or euthanasia a social justice issue. Help students understand where our understanding of social justice comes from, why we care and how it relates to pro-life.

    Adoption - here from one of our special speakers about their adoption story. We have community members who have been adopted and/or who have adopted children themselves and are ready to share the beauty and challenges of that experience with students. 

    High Risk Pregnancies - here the story of one couple who was told to "selectively reduce" their triplets by doctors FIVE times but chose life anyway. 

    Pro-life 101 - help students understand the scientific and philosophical reason to be pro-life.

  • In-class Activities & Resources

  • All of our speaker presentations involve interactive elements but you can also use these tools in the classroom yourself! Check out some of the helpful quizzes, activities and references below.

  • Scenario Questions - divide your class into groups and have them discuss some challenging and relevant life scenarios. A great way to teach character and opportunities they have in their daily lives to make a difference and help someone!

    KAHOOT! Quizzes - help your students learn the facts on their phone!

    The Facts - use charts and visual representations of the facts on life issues here in Halton and around the world.

    Quote Cards - who doesn't love a famous quote? Use our life-affirming quotes with pictures of the person. 

    Posters - whether you want to advertise a pro-life event or just hang and interesting fact or story, we've got lots to keep your walls colourful.


  • Community Events

  • Take learning beyond the classroom! Halton Alive has lots of great opportunities for you students to get involved in pro-life events. Help connect your students with these valuable experiences. 

  • Baby Food Drive - help collect food for moms in need. Every fall we do a collection of baby food & formula in the Fall. Why not initiate a Baby Food Drive at your school and drop it off at Halton Alive?

    Walk for Life & Conference - join us in doing the Walk for Life. Start a team with your students and see who can fundraise the most. Then stick around for our BBQ lunch and exciting afternoon speaker workshops. 

    Candy Canes for Life - help our Christmas campaign by gluing candy canes on the postcards we distribute throughout Halton. 

    Fundraise - create your own fundraiser! Find your own way to raise funds for Halton Alive and help promote life-affirming education and help for women in unplanned pregnancies.